Jorge A. Moreno

Website Director
5th Year PhD Student

Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.)—Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. University of Iowa, 2018

Master of Arts (M.A.)—Molecular Biology. Princeton University, 2019


Preferred pronouns: he/him

Hometown: Elsa, TX

Favorite comfort food: Tacos from a small stand in Mexico we always stop at when visiting family.

Science fun fact: Octopuses have blue blood because they use copper (Hemocyanin) instead of iron (Hemoglobin) to help shuttle oxygen around its body. 

What is a scientist?: A scientist is excited to learn how the world works and strives to educate and relay to others in the scientific community and the public what they have learned.

Favorite animal: Red pandas! (they aren't actually pandas)

Why I am involved with MBOP: I want others to experience the same joy, curiosity, and fascination that I do when I learn new science principles or see science in action. I want to help everyone experience learning difficult science topics in a more fun way.

Favorite hobby: I love the outdoors and animals and this led to my favorite hobby. I could not do much exploring the outdoors growing up but was always fascinated when I found cool plants or critters. Pokemon allowed me to see beautiful animals with fascinating adaptations to their environments and collect them. Now I love going to natural history museums, aquariums and zoos to see real life animals, but Pokemon is where it all started.